Ideal for caterers and food handling environments, the Deb Cleanse Antibac 1000 Dispenser is designed to effectively kill germs on hands for a safer work environment. It is a powerful, non-perfumed formula that helps eliminate microbes with a standardised dose, and is suitable for use with one litre cartridges of Deb OxyBAC Antibacterial Foam Wash. It uses convenient 1 litre cartridges, with a viewing window to check when the soap level is running low. Deb Cleanse Antibac 1000 dispenser for use in healtcare and food environments
Cartridge viewing window to check when empty
Standard dose to reduce waste and save money
For use with Deb OxyBAC Antibacterial Foam hand wash cartridges (sold separately) for effective germ-killing
Designed for 1 litre cartridges

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